Lindamood Phoneme Sequencing® Program

Lindamood Phoneme Sequencing® Program

This four-day course prepares teachers to help students develop phonemic awareness for reading and spelling using the Lindamood Phoneme Sequencing® (LiPS®) Program for reading, spelling, and speech methodology and materials.

Phonemic awareness, the ability to judge speech sounds within words, underlies decoding and spelling. In this course, participants will learn how speech sounds are articulated and will use this knowledge to identify and sequence sounds within single syllables. Gradually, students will apply this learning to multisyllable words, contextual reading, and spelling. Participants will gain knowledge of current research in phonemic awareness and reading development and become familiar with assessment instruments, including the Lindamood® Auditory Conceptualization (LAC-3) Test.

Participants may take this course for two graduate credits through Fitchburg State University. An additional fee of $255, payable through the instructor, will apply.

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Giving Students the Confidence to Read with Lindamood Phoneme Sequencing ® (LiPS®) Program

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The LiPS Program (Lindamood Phoneme Sequencing) is an innovative program designed to help students of all ages and abilities improve their literacy skills. The LiPS Program was developed by Nanci Bell, a leading figure in the field of literacy education. With its comprehensive approach to reading instruction, LiPS provides learners with the tools they need to decode words accurately and to comprehend text. By focusing on auditory discrimination, phonemic awareness, and reading comprehension strategies, the LiPS Program helps students recognize patterns in language and gain confidence when speaking, writing, and reading.

Unlocking Reading Comprehension With the LiPS® Program

The LiPS Program is important for improving literacy skills because it focuses on building a solid foundation of language skills. Through its emphasis on auditory discrimination, phonemic awareness, and reading comprehension strategies, LiPS helps students learn to recognize patterns in the language quickly and accurately. This allows them to decode words more effectively and comprehend text more deeply. Additionally, the LiPS program encourages the development of speaking and writing skills by helping students identify key elements of grammar, improve their vocabulary, and gain confidence when communicating.

Overview of the Instructional Components of LiPS® Program

The LiPS Program is composed of several instructional components that help students develop fluent readers. It focuses on teaching auditory discrimination, which includes the ability to recognize differences in sounds and identify words accurately. Additionally, LiPS encourages the development of phonological awareness – an understanding of how speech is made up of smaller units such as syllables, phonemes, and morphemes. Through its instructional components, LiPS teaches students how to identify words quickly and accurately from a familiar context, as well as develop their skills in reading comprehension.

The LiPS Program also contains interactive activities that reinforce the concepts being taught. These activities involve identifying words in a variety of formats (e.g. rhyming words, sentence context), and applying what has been learned to reading materials. Through these activities, students are able to become more confident readers as they gain an understanding of how language works.

Benefits of LiPS® Program

The comprehensive approach of the LiPS Program allows students to develop their literacy skills in a comprehensive manner. By improving their accuracy in decoding words, students can gain greater comprehension when reading text. Additionally, improved accuracy leads to an increased understanding of grammar and a better grasp of vocabulary words. This comprehensive learning experience also increases students’ confidence when speaking, writing, and reading.

The LiPS comprehensive multisensory program is particularly beneficial for students with functional speech-language delays or those learning a second language. By focusing on comprehensive multisensory instruction, LiPS helps these students build the foundational tools they need to become successful readers. Through this comprehensive program, students can gain the confidence they need to become confident and successful communicators.

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Unparalleled Success: LiPS® Helps Students Reach Literacy Goals

The success of the LiPS Program is evident in the stories shared by teachers and parents that have witnessed their children’s reading skills improve. One such story featured a student who was struggling with reading before the LiPS program was introduced in their classroom. After several weeks, this student was reading at a much higher level than before thanks to the comprehensive instruction that the LiPS Program provided.

Stories like these are common among teachers and parents who have seen their kids’ reading skills improve with the help of LiPS. The program’s comprehensive approach to phonemic awareness, auditory discrimination, reading comprehension, grammar, and vocabulary has helped many children become successful readers. As students become more confident and successful communicators, they are able to take their reading skills to the next level.

Unlocking Your Students’ Reading Abilities With LiPS® at the Professional Training Institute

The Professional Training Institute offers LiPS®, a comprehensive and multisensory program specifically designed to improve literacy skills. By improving auditory discrimination and phonemic awareness, this program helps students identify words accurately, develop reading comprehension, increase their vocabulary, and gain confidence when communicating. Through interactive activities that reinforce the instructional components of the program, students become more confident readers. The success of LiPS Program is evident in the stories shared by teachers and parents that have witnessed their children’s reading skills improve significantly. Unlocking students’ reading abilities with LiPS® Program at the Professional Training Institute offers an unparalleled opportunity for students to gain the foundational literacy tools needed for academic and personal success.

The Commonwealth Learning Center is an independent, non-profit teaching facility and is not affiliated with Lindamood-Bell Learning Processes, Pat Lindamood, Phyllis Lindamood, or Nanci Bell.

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