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PTI Teacher Profile: Emily Maloney


Courses taken through PTI: Orton-Gillingham Associate level coursework Orton-Gillingham Associate practicum Orton-Gillingham Certified level coursework (currently completing Practicum) Tell us about you. What are your current teaching roles? I am a speech-language pathologist and work as a Visiting Assistant Professor in the Communication Sciences and Disorders Department at Worcester State University. I teach both undergraduate and graduate courses, including a Reading and Writing Disorders class for students earning their Master’s in Speech-Language Pathology. I also work part-time providing speech and language services to students in the Hope Graham Program at Bancroft School in Worcester. In what ways has your Orton-Gillingham [...]

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PTI Teacher Profile: Bianca Gonsalves


Courses taken through PTI: Orton-Gillingham Associate level coursework Orton-Gillingham Associate practicum Beyond Associate O-G Seminars Nancibell® Visualizing and Verbalizing® Program for Language Comprehension Tell us about you. What is your current teaching role? I am currently a first grade teacher in the Lexington Public Schools (MA). I have been in this role for six years, and I truly love what I do. I specifically enjoy teaching my students to read. The first grade year is the time when students make the most reading growth (in terms of reading levels), and it is very important for me to understand how to [...]

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Beyond Associate Seminars


Beyond Associate seminars are designed for teachers who have completed Associate or Classroom Educator Orton-Gillingham training and seek further enhancement of their diagnostic and prescriptive teaching skills. Organized as a series of four seminars, participants may attend just one or any combination of the sessions. Beyond Associate Seminar 1: Infusing Vocabulary and Comprehension Skills into the O-G Lesson Plan In this session, we will discuss multisensory ways to enhance vocabulary and comprehension skills through activities such as categorizing, working with multiple meaning words, and reading connected text. Participants will gain ideas for helping students beyond the level of decoding. For [...]

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Building a Strong Foundation for Reading Success


An article by our Danvers Center Director, Beth Dinelli, on the topic of building a strong foundation for reading success in young children was featured in the February 2020 issue of Boston Parents Paper. Boston Parents Paper is a free publication available at various locations throughout the region. Click below to check out the digital version of this excellent local resource (you’ll find Beth’s article on pages 14-15)! Visit Boston Parents Paper Online

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1-to-1 Tutoring and Educational Evaluations



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